Summers in Berks County are hot and humid. When it gets too hot outside, you likely hide inside where your air conditioner keeps you comfortable and cool. Unfortunately, staying inside can get boring after a while. Yet, there are plenty of useful or even fun ways to spend your time indoors.

Firstly, you can check up on your HVAC system, to make sure it will continue to work for you while it’s blistering hot outside. Be sure to change the filter and contact B&L Ott to make sure it has received proper maintenance. Once that is done, you can try one of the other 15 ideas below.

Clean and Organize

When your life gets busy, your home can get pretty busy and disorganized. Use your time inside to do something productive. You can get rid of the clutter, dust, wash the items you usually pass over, do your laundry and more. If you don’t want to do anything too physical you can get your life organized instead. Make a to-do list or fill out a daily planner with upcoming events.

Home Improvement and Decorating

Over time, the items and certain parts of your home experience wear-and-tear or become outdated. Take this time to do some indoor home improvement or decorating. You can rearrange your furniture, touch up paint, change the decor, make repairs, take care of your HVAC using tips from B&L Ott’s blog, and more.

Games and Puzzles

If you’re in the mood for something more fun, find some family members or invite some friends over and play some board games or a card game. Puzzles can also be fun. If you’re more into technology play a video game or a computer game instead.


Whether you are a bookworm who reads every day or you don’t remember the last time you read a book, reading a book is a great way to pass your time inside. Reading offers a variety of benefits. It can help you escape your daily stresses and relax or it can teach something new and useful. There is a book out there for everyone.

Get Artsy

If you feel more like expressing yourself in some way get artsy. You can paint, draw, craft, write, make music and much more. Like many other items on this list, getting artsy can help you relax. It also gives you something interesting to look at or listen to later.

Binge Watching

Sometimes you need to just lay around, relax, and be immersed in a different story. Ask your friends what their favorite series is, rewatch one of your favorites, or just pick something random. Then grab some snacks and enjoy.


You deserve a little pampering. Take some time out of your day to work on self-care. You can give yourself a facial, take a nice bath, do your nails, or try out some new hairstyles. Afterward, you will likely feel better and more confident.


Alternatively, you can also work on yourself through exercise. You can walk up and down the stairs, do some yoga, lift some weights, or do a full workout if you have a home gym. Just don’t forget to stretch and stay hydrated!

Play With Your Pet

You love your pets and they love you. If you have been busy and haven’t interacted with them as much as you would like lately, give them some attention now. Play with them, talk to them, or give them some care. Take every chance you can to bond with your pet.

Plan a Vacation or Party

Whether you can afford a big vacation or not, it never hurts to dream. Turn on your computer, pick your favorite destination, and plan your trip. Whether you actually go or not, just pretending you are can be fun. Alternatively, you can plan a big party instead.

Sing, Dance, or Play Music

Few activities can lift your spirits like a karaoke or dance party. Put on your favorite playlist and simply dance and sing around your house. If that’s not your thing, you can just get online and discover new music, make a new playlist, or buy some new music instead.

Record Videos

If you love taking videos or being in front of a camera, take this opportunity to make some interesting videos. You can make some home movies for your family to look back on later, create a video that showcases or talent, or just make something funny and ridiculous.

Catch Up With Your Friends

Life gets busy and sometimes we lose touch with some of our friends and family. If you have some free time, give your friends a call, write them a letter, or even invite them over for dinner. They will be glad to hear from you and you can learn about each other’s latest adventures.

Research Your Family Tree

Have you ever wondered where you come from or why you have the interests, habits, or characteristics, that you do? If so, the answers may be in your family tree. Record what you know and carry on from there. You may learn you are related to someone famous or find a photo of the ancestors you never knew you had.

Learn Something New

It’s always good to learn something new. The more you know and the more skills you have, the more interesting you become. You can develop a new skill or research a topic that interests you. The possibilities are endless. If you want to learn more about your HVAC system and keeping your Berks County home comfortable, check out B&L Ott’s blog here: