Renovating your Berks County home can be an exciting experience. You get to change your home, make it look new, and design it however you want. However, there is also a chance that things may not go exactly the way you want them to. You can run into issues with the layout, pricing, the contractor, and more. Yet, there are ways to help avoid these types of problems. Check out these tips from B&L Ott near Reading, Pennsylvania to learn how to help make your renovation successful! 

Plan Ahead

The first step is to plan everything out thoroughly. This includes: 

  • A budget for the project
  • What you want to renovate and how
  • Your future needs for space
  • What supplies you will need
  • Timing for the renovation
  • What contractor you want to use
  • What to do with any pets or children
  • Temporary storage or living space
  • How you will have to change your schedule during renovation
  • Details such as furnishings, lighting, HVAC access, etc. 

By having a detailed plan, you can help ensure that everyone is on the same page. This way you can help ensure the renovation is exactly what you want. 

Give The Project Enough Time

As mentioned above, it is important to plan the timing for your renovation. It is important to note that you should give yourself more time than you think you need. This way, if you have any setbacks, it won’t put as much pressure on you to rush through everything else. If possible, try to schedule your renovation when you don’t have many other plans. This way you can make your renovation your priority and get it done on time. For any outdoor projects, you will also want to pay attention and choose the right season for your project as the weather can be unpredictable in Berks County, Pennsylvania. 

Find the Right Contractor

If your renovation is complicated, you may be considering hiring extra help to get the project done. There are multiple companies in Berks County willing to help you, but it can be a bit tricky to choose the right one for the job. 

The best way to find the right contractor is to find other people in the Reading area who have had successful renovations. Whether it be your friends, family, neighbors, or strangers on a website, it is always helpful to hear testimonials from other people who have used the contractor you are considering. If their clients have positive things to say, they are likely a good candidate for the job. If not, you should look elsewhere.  


Whether you are hiring a Berks County contractor or just having your family and friends help, it is important to communicate. Communication is the best way to ensure everyone is on the same page so you can have your Reading home look the way you want it to. Be clear about your expectations, repeat the most important points, and check-in with each other regularly. The more you communicate, the less chance there is for a misunderstanding. 

Be Open To Suggestions

In many cases, two heads are better than one. Your contractor or other helpers may have suggestions to improve your plans. Try to be open to these suggestions, especially if they have more renovation experience than you. There is likely a good reason they brought up this new idea. If you are set on your original plan, communicate why and work together to find the best solution. 

Have A Back-Up Plan

You never know when an unexpected issue may pop up. In every complicated project, it is always good to have a backup plan. This way, if you run into a problem, it doesn’t stress you out or put your renovation on pause. Be ready for issues such as price changes, extended timelines, weather issues, and more. 

Consider HVAC Options

If your renovation included a new room or extreme changes, you will want to make sure your space if comfortable. This means thinking about your HVAC options. Do you need to modify the ductwork? Do you want a split system? If you need help with any comfort aspects, contact the professionals at B&L Ott near Reading, PA. We have the knowledge and experience you need to keep your family comfortable. You can contact us through our website here: You can also call B&L Ott at 610-927-5133. Once you get all of the details sorted out, you can enjoy your new renovation and the comfort of your Berks County home.