B&L Ott serves multiple towns in the Berks County, Pennsylvania area. This includes Bernville, Hamburg, Mohnton, Reading, Sinking Spring, and Wernersville. Over our years of service, we have noticed that many of these ranch, raised-ranch, colonial and bi-level homes still commonly use oil for heat.

If you are still using an oil system to heat your home, B&L Ott can help you replace it with a natural gas system. We can help you choose your new system and make the necessary connections.  Replacing your oil system with a high-efficiency gas system can provide you with a variety of benefits and help you modernize your home.

Common Issues

There are a variety of common issues you may run into when you own an old oil system. Here are just a few B&L Ott has witnessed:

  • Oil burner problems.
  • Leaking boiler components.
  • Clogged oil lines and nozzles.
  • Customers running out of oil.

HVAC technology has progressed far over the past years. Newer systems are more efficient, reliable, smarter, and easier to use. If your system is older and you are looking into an upgrade, you may want to consider installing a natural gas system or supplementing your system with heat pumps.

Reasons to Buy a Natural Gas System


When you heat your home with oil, that oil is stored in a tank in your home. This means you have to regularly schedule oil deliveries and be concerned about pipes breaking.  If the tank or pipes do break, it will leak either underground or in your basement. These oil leaks are very costly to clean up. Natural gas, on the other hand, is safely piped directly into your home and is always available. There is no need to schedule deliveries by truck or to regularly check your supply.

Efficient and Better for the Environment

Not only are natural gas systems more convenient, but they are cleaner and more efficient as well. They can significantly help you reduce your overall energy consumption. High-efficiency gas systems operate at 95% efficiency with a very low cost per unit of natural gas.

Lower Costs

B&L OTT customers who have installed a natural gas system save hundreds or even thousands of dollars in energy each year. While the initial cost of installation may be higher than getting another oil system, installing natural gas system will save you more in the long run. A high-efficiency natural gas system is also a popular selling point if you plan on selling your home sometime in the next few years.

Can We Switch From Oil to Gas?

B&L Ott can also replace oil boiler systems (oil hot water or “radiant heat”) with high-efficiency natural gas or propane systems. These boilers work constantly to circulate exactly the amount of heat needed on a minute by minute basis. This way you only need to use a minimal amount of fuel to help keep your Berks County home comfortable.

Gone are the days of the oil boilers that turn on at 100% capacity and consume massive amounts of oil when you only need a little heat. With a high-efficiency boiler, “Short cycling” is virtually eliminated. Short cycling is when the system turns on, consumes fuel at 100% capacity, and turns off shortly after. It wastes energy and costs you more. 

What If I Don’t Have Natural Gas Supply In My Area?

If natural gas is not available in your area, B&L Ott can add or replace your air conditioner with a heat pump instead. Then we can install the appropriate controls on your system. A heat pump works by extracting heat from the outdoor air. It can do so even at low temperatures because there is always heat energy in the air. Then the heat pump transfers that heat energy it collects inside your home.  

If the temperature is too cold outside for the heat pump to work efficiently, your oil furnace will turn on to provide heat instead. Pairing your oil furnace with a heat pump can dramatically reduce your oil consumption and improve your comfort.

Contact B&L Ott to Replace Your System Today!

Are you interested in replacing your oil HVAC system with a natural gas system? Give B&L Ott a call at (610)-816-6026. You can also contact B&L Ott through the contact page on our website. We are working very hard to help our Berks County customers who use oil forced-air systems make the move over to high-efficiency, natural gas, forced-air systems or dual fuel oil/heat pump systems.