B&L Ott’s Guide to Condenser Coils

How much do you know about your air conditioner and how it works? When it comes to your HVAC system, it is important to know the basics. Understanding how your system works allows you to take better care of it. To learn how your entire system works, it is best to start with understanding what each part and its function. In this B&L Ott guide, you can learn how to identify and care for the condenser coil. With the right maintenance, your system will last longer and save you money.

The Basics

A condenser coil is a part of the refrigeration system inside your air conditioner. It aids in transferring and exchanging heat in your home. It is filled with a substance called refrigerant that circulates through both an indoor and outdoor coil.

The refrigerant is cool when it is sent inside your home. The indoor fan blows the air in your home across the indoor coil. During this process, the refrigerant absorbs the heat. Then it is transported back outside. This leaves the air in your home cooler. Once outside, a fan blows air across the coil and a compressor changes the pressure of the refrigerant. This helps dissipate the heat and cool the refrigerant.

It might sound bizarre, but this process can still cool your home, even when Berks County summer hit 100 degrees. The key is the refrigerant which can operate at different temperatures and pressures. It can still dissipate heat when the temperature outside is much hotter than the temperature inside.


The condenser coil is located in the outside unit where your compressor is. It looks very similar to the radiator in your car. However, it may look a little different if you get a Trane all-aluminum spine fin coils. Basically, these coils look like a tube with a bunch of little fingers coming off of them. This design allows the coils to operate at a higher efficiency than most other coils.

B&L Ott Recommendations

B&L Ott uses Trane systems that have protected coils. This way, the outdoor placement of your unit is not as critical. However, we do recommend installing the outdoor unit away from trees and falling debris. If too many leaves, pollen, dirt, or dust fall into your unit, it can clog the coils and prevent proper ventilation. In fall, B&L Ott also recommends covering your outdoor unit with a Trane-specific condenser cover. These covers keep dirt and debris out but still allow air to circulate inside the unit.

Trane specific units use a powder coated cabinet to house the condenser coil. These cabinets are like no other in the industry. They greatly resist rust and corrosion to keep the condenser coil well protected, without starving the system for air. Remember, there should not be anything on these units during the cooling season.


The only maintenance required for outdoor condenser coils is a yearly cleaning. Cleaning removes all the debris from your unit so it can work at the highest possible efficiency. A well-maintained, efficient unit will save both energy and money. On the other hand, a neglected system may experience improper refrigerant pressures, efficiency issues, or premature failure of key system components. Give B&L Ott a call for all your heating and air conditioning needs.

You should not try to clean the coil yourself. Not only is cleaning it yourself dangerous because of high-voltage, but you could also damage your unit. You have to be careful about which company you choose to clean your unit as well. Some other companies may not use the correct cleaners or may not remove all the dirt from your unit. This can damage your unit and cost you more. Calling B&L Ott is the best way to ensure that your system is cleaned and maintained properly.

What to Expect from B&L Ott

On average, air conditioners last about 8-12 years. However, most well-maintained Trane models installed by B&L Ott can see an average of 15+ years. If your coil fails, it is probably time for a new system. An evaluation by B&L Ott will help you determine the best course of action. Proper maintenance is the key to ensuring you get the most from your coil and unit.

All of B&L Ott’s technicians have gone through specific training for this type of service. To clean the unit properly, we use a foaming degreaser to loosen the dirt first, then wash away the dirt with a hose. This is a process that is proven to work and takes about an hour. Our goal is to keep your HVAC system clean and running efficiently so your family can live comfortably.

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B&L Ott’s Guide to Indoor Humidity

Everyone wants their home to be comfortable. It allows for better relaxation and a happier atmosphere. There are three main factors that contribute to indoor comfort. These are temperature, cleanliness, and humidity. Knowing about your home’s humidity is important. Humidity affects almost everything, including your family, pets, plants, and furniture. If you need help understanding your home’s humidity, check out B&L Ott’s guide for indoor humidity. If you have any additional questions, feel free to contact us through our website or call us at 610-816-6026.

Effects of Low Humidity

Lack of Comfort

When your home’s humidity is too low, you may notice a variety of side effects. Even if your thermostat is set between 68-72 degrees, you may feel like your home just isn’t warm. Your family may experience problems with dry skin, dry hair, or static. The ideal indoor winter environment has a humidity between 30%-40%. This level will allow more comfort and help keep your family healthy.

Dry Skin

During winter in Berks County, the air outside can steal the moisture from the air in your home. The air can also steal moisture from your body, usually from the skin. Moisture evaporates off of your skin and makes you feel cold. Our bodies are approximately 60% water so maintaining moisture in your body is important.


The air will also steal moisture from your mouth and sinus passages. This causes them to dry out and crack. Your lips dry out and get chapped. Your eyes and nose also get dry and itchy. The cracks allow germs to pass through and you end up getting a cold. This is one reason why it is more common to get sick in the winter.

Effects of High Humidity

Lack of Comfort

When summer hits the Leesport area, the humidity is high. Conversely to winter, the drier air in your home will steal the moisture from outside. This makes the air in your home feel sticky and clammy. Even if you have an air conditioner, it may not be dehumidifying properly. Your house may be reaching your desired temperature, but your home can still be uncomfortable due to excess humidity. If you don’t have an air conditioner or your system is not functioning properly, it can be uncomfortably warm and humid in your house.

Dehumidifying Your Home

B&L Ott can help you fix the problems of high humidity by air conditioning the home; cooling AND dehumidifying. We can install a whole-home humidifier. An upgraded thermostat will also provide more control over the humidity in your home. If you are using a dehumidifier in your basement, you should talk to us about a whole-home dehumidifier. A portable dehumidifier is not the answer, and it wastes a tremendous amount of energy.

How Humidity Affects Your Property

Humidity also affects the items in your home. Wood is highly sensitive to humidity. If you have wooden furniture, lack of humidity can cause the wood to shrink and crack. Conversely, excess humidity can cause wood to swell and expand. Your wood floors and cabinets may also buckle and warp. Musical instruments are greatly affected by moisture levels.

Your windows and doors may also begin to stick and become difficult to open. Too much moisture can cause rotting. Too little can cause windows to shrink and lose their effectiveness and efficiency. Having B&L Ott help you control the humidity levels in your home is the best way to keep your property in good condition. A new humidifier is much cheaper than having to replace your floors, doors, windows, and furniture.

What Models Does B&L Ott Recommend?

If you think you need a humidifier, talk to a trained B&L Ott comfort consultant. We can make the appropriate recommendations for your home and family. All of our systems are simple to use. One of our technicians will teach you everything you need to know. We will show you how to set the humidity and how to properly maintain your humidifier.

B&L Ott also recommends installing a professional-grade humidifier rather than a “homeowner version” found at a lower price in a big box store. These humidifiers may be cheaper, but they also have a greater failure rate. They also do not provide an accurate method of measuring and controlling humidity.

Getting a New Humidifier Installed by B&L Ott

The number one problem we see with humidifiers is homes that don’t have one and need one. The number two problem we see is bad installation practices. Even if you have a quality humidifier, if it is not installed properly, you may still experience problems.

Let B&L Ott help. A 30-minute conversation with one of our comfort specialists can provide you with the education you need to make an informed decision. We have all of the tools, training, and experience necessary to properly install this important device. You will receive a warranty, peace-of-mind, and a properly functioning humidifier.

Our options start at $840 for a basic model and installation typically takes 2-4 hours. You can rest assured that your new humidifier will be placed on the appropriate part of the system and tested to ensure proper operation. If you would like to schedule a consultation, you can do so here: You can also call 610-816-6026.

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Repair vs. Replace

Choosing between repairing and replacing your HVAC system can be a difficult task. There are many aspects to consider. You may not know how much life your current system has left. Then you have to calculate and compare costs before making a decision. You may not have all of the tools or time to figure everything else. Don’t worry, though, because B&L Ott is here to help!

Below are some common questions and answers that can help you make a decision. If you live in the Berks County area, you should schedule an appointment with us. We will send a trained technician to inspect your system, explain the situation, and answer any questions you may have.

Signs Your HVAC System Needs a Repair

The best way to know if your HVAC system needs to be repaired is to sign up for B&L OTT’s exclusive preventative maintenance program. Our technicians will be able to easily show you, explain, and make repairs that need to be made. However, there are some problem signs you can look out for on your own. These include:

  • Holes in the ductwork.
  • Unusually high utility bills.
  • Your system is not working at all.
  • Your system is making loud or strange noises.
  • You can see dirt buildup on your outdoor condenser coil.

All these issues can signal decreased efficiency which may be costing you with your energy bills. B&L OTT’s exclusive preventative maintenance program is one of the best ways to ensure that your HVAC is clean and running efficiently.

Signs Your HVAC System Needs to Be Replaced

There are many factors that signal that your HVAC system should be replaced rather than repaired. The most common one is age. If it is only a few years old, you will likely want to repair it. On the other hand, systems that are 8-10 years old are nearing the end of their life and should be replaced instead.

You will also want to compare costs. If you have to make a costly repair of 500-1000 dollars, we recommend saving that money and investing it into a more comfortable reliable system. Other problems that signal replacement include needing many repairs and the physical appearance. If you notice rust, corrosion, or deterioration, you may want to consider replacement.

Typical Lifespan

The typical HVAC system lasts 8-10 years. However, this is directly proportional to how well the system has been maintained. If you take good care of your system and it is a quality system, it may last longer. On the other hand, neglected HVAC systems may only last 5-7 years.

An HVAC system is like a car; it needs proper care if you want it to last. If you think about it, your system runs year round, constantly turning on and off. This process causes wear and tear to the parts over time. Environmental elements make an even bigger impact and add to the deterioration of your system.

Run-time can also affect your HVAC. During Berks County’s hot summers, you may be putting extra stress on the compressor and outdoor fan motor. To help keep your system running efficiently, give your system a break from time to time and contact B&L Ott for regular maintenance.

Deciding to Repair or Replace

B&L Ott can help arm you with the information to need to decide whether you should repair or replace. We can help you compare the costs of repairing vs. replacing. If the costs of repairs are more than 25%-35% of the cost of a new system, you have to ask yourself is it worth it to replace. A comfort specialist can help you look at what savings you can realize from replacing the system.

Not every repair automatically signals a need for replacement. Not every consultation results in a recommendation of replacing the system instead of repairing. B&L Ott’s goal is to educate and empower you to choose what works best for you.

We take many factors into account when helping you with a recommendation. This includes how long you intend to remain in your home, your budget, what financing options are available, and the true costs. We estimate the annual cost of ownership and give you the facts. In the end, it is your decision to make.

Benefits of Installing a New HVAC System

If you end up replacing your system, you can look forward to a variety of benefits. The first benefit is being able to customize your new system to your home and family’s needs. You can correct comfort issues and add the latest technology. Your new system will be quieter, more comfortable, more efficient, and more reliable.

To ensure that your new system will work to its full potential, you will need to make sure that it is installed properly. According to a study by the North Carolina Alternative Energy Institute, 93% of all systems are installed improperly. Having a new system installed by B&L Ott guarantees that your system will be installed properly. We will correct the comfort and efficiency robbing errors of the previous installation.

Choosing a New System

When it comes to choosing your new system B&L Ott believes in delivering the customer the best choice based on their needs. A comfort consultant will provide literature and explain each system’s benefits and function. They will also ask you a variety of questions to help customize your new system to your home. You will be asked about your needs and priorities. Then we will evaluate the potential energy savings and comfort improvements. Then we will make model recommendations.

We will sit together and add or remove components to provide you with the system you want. We will help make sure the solutions you need are within a budget you are comfortable with. A system installed by B&L Ott can last 15 years or more – often double the average life of systems installed by other companies. We won’t give you booklets and tell you “here are 3 options”. We will sit with you and together we will customize a solution to your family’s needs.

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What to Expect When You Schedule B&L Ott’s Duct Cleaning Service

When was the last time you had your air ducts cleaned? If you have noticed excess dust or poor indoor air quality in your home, your ventilation system may be the culprit. The air in your home is circulated through your air ducts daily.

If your air ducts are dirty, the air blowing through will push the dust into your home. This is why it is important to change your filter regularly and get your air ducts cleaned every 2 years. However, if a high-efficiency air filtration system is installed, they can be cleaned every 5 years.

B&L Ott highly recommends having a high-efficiency air filtration system installed.  If you have your ducts cleaned and you don’t have a media air cleaner or electronic air cleaner, your ducts will immediately get dirty again. Contact B&L Ott to learn more about keeping your air clean and your HVAC system running efficiently.

Why Should I Get My Air Ducts Cleaned?

Cleaning your air ducts can bring a variety of benefits. First and foremost, it will help ensure that the air you and your family are breathing is clean. If anyone in your family has asthma, allergies, or respiratory problems, dirty air can cause sneezing or breathing issues. Pets or smoking can make these problems worse.

Another benefit is increased efficiency. Dirt and dust block the air from moving through the ducts. This causes your HVAC system to work harder and costs you more. By having your ducts cleaned by B&L Ott, you can experience better efficiency and lower energy bills.

Preparing for Our Service

Any time of the year is a good time to get your air ducts cleaned. You can choose a time that works best for you. Be sure you have time to take care of a few tasks you should take care of before we arrive, though.

If there are boxes or other equipment near your HVAC unit, be sure to clear the area. This way, the B&L Ott technician can access your system to inspect and clean it. However, furniture that is on vents should be left where it is. This will allow us to diagnose any airflow issues that are caused by the furniture. If there is an issue we can then make suggestions to improve the airflow in your home. Pets and kids can be kept wherever is comfortable for you.

Cleaning Your Ducts

B&L Ott uses a special high-efficiency vacuum with a rotating brush head to clean the ducts. We control this machine remotely as the hose and brush go through the ductwork. Together they clear out almost all the debris. We start with the branch ducts first and push the dirt into the main line. Then move to the main supply ducts. The dirt is then stored in our machine so that it will not be recirculated through your house. Finally, B&L Ott will supply you with before and after pictures of the ductwork.

We also use a machine to fog your ducts with an antimicrobial cleaner.  This will kill contaminants in your ducts that cannot be removed from cleaning alone.  We will clean the grilles, registers, and diffusers with a degreasing agent as well.

How Long Will It Take?

For an average-size Berks County home, the process will take approximately 4 hours. Larger homes with multiple systems will take longer as there is more to clean. B&L Ott prefers that the homeowner stays there the whole time. This way, if we come across any problems, we can make sure you are aware of it right away and fix the problem for you. This also allows you to see what goes into the duct cleaning process.

Fixing Problems

B&L Ott’s service can also help you find problems that are affecting the efficiency of your HVAC system. If we find mold, rodents, excess dust, unnecessary penetrations, or failed duct work we can address these issues right away. We will provide you with the best recommendations to fix each issue.

Why Choose B&L Ott?

There are many aspects to consider when choosing a company to clean your air ducts. One feature you should look for is the consideration for your home and family. B&L Ott technicians will treat your house as if it is their own. We take extra precautions to make sure your floors, walls, and ceilings are protected. We will leave your house as we found it, except you will have cleaner air ducts.

Another aspect you should look for is what is included in the service. B&L Ott will be sure to be thorough with our work. We will remove each individual grille from the ceiling or wall and clean it with 409 or another cleaner. This will remove any bacteria, mold, or dust from the registers.

A shop vac can only reach about 40% of your ductwork. B&L Ott uses a specially-designed machine to help us clean every square inch of your ducts. We will leave you with a before-and-after picture of your ducts and recommendations to keep them cleaner. By following these tips you can improve your HVAC system’s efficiency, save money, and increase the time span between cleanings.

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Furnace Warning Signs

Take a minute to think about what it would be like to spend a winter day in Berks County without heat. Your family would have to wear many layers and bundle up in blankets just to keep warm. Luckily, you will never have to know a full day without heat thanks to B&L Ott’s emergency repair service. Yet, if you regularly inspect your furnace, you can catch a failing system before it is too late. Watch for these warning signs and be sure to take care of them as soon as possible.

Pilot LightYellow Pilot Light

Typically the pilot light on your furnace should be blue. A yellow pilot light can signal a variety of problems. The most common fix for a yellow pilot light is a good cleaning. As the pilot burns, it creates deposits on the pilot. If too much ash builds up, it begins to cause problems. These deposits should be cleaned off every year to ensure proper operation.

If you notice a yellow pilot flame, you should call B&L Ott to set up a cleaning. B&L Ott will clean the furnace/pilot to ensure proper operation.

Skyrocketing Energy Bills

If your energy bills have been on the rise, but you haven’t been using more energy than usual, your HVAC system may be having efficiency issues. Higher energy bills could mean a number of things. If something is causing problems within your system, your unit will have to work harder and longer to reach your desired temperature. This causes your system to use more energy and costs you more.

High energy bills can occur for many reasons, but the most common reason is old age. The best solution is to call B&L Ott for a diagnosis. One of our trained technicians will inspect your furnace and find the issue. If the problem can be fixed, we will repair it for you. If not, we will help you choose and install a replacement.

Loud Noises

If you hear strange noises coming from your furnace, there could be a variety of problems. Scraping sounds may mean that there is something wrong with the blower or motor mount. Banging or popping sounds typically signal a dirty furnace blower or expanding air ducts. Squealing or whining sounds can be caused by problems with the blower belt, shaft bearings, or blower motor.

The best way to ensure that your system gets properly diagnosed and fixed is to schedule an appointment with B&L Ott. Our technicians are trained to find even the smallest of details that could mean trouble. Be sure to get your furnace inspected before it’s too late!

Strange Smells

Bacteria buildup may be your problem if you notice a strange smell coming from your furnace. It can build up on the inside or outside of your unit. This problem typically occurs when the system has not been cleaned often enough. You may also notice this problem if you do not have the proper air filtration in place to destroy the bacteria. B&L Ott can help you properly clean your system and install the right air filtration system.

Unstable Thermostat Readings

Does the temperature in your home match the temperature on your thermostat? If not, your thermostat may be malfunctioning. This issue can occur if your thermostat was not installed properly or if your system is getting old. A certified technician from B&L Ott has to knowledge and skills to find the cause of the problem and fix your thermostat.

Frequent Repairs

Another sign that your HVAC system is nearing the end of its life is needing frequent repairs. This problem can also be caused by lack of maintenance. The parts deteriorate after a while and your system becomes less reliable. Talk to a B&L Ott technician to help you decide if you should fix or replace your system. If your system is failing, consider our system replacement planning service.

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Popular HVAC Models Installed by B&L Ott

Choosing an HVAC is an important decision. Whichever model you choose will warm, cool, and clean your home’s air for the next decade or two. With this in mind, you may research for hours to make sure you get the right one. There are many different brands, models, sizes, and features to sort through. Let B&L Ott save you some time by recommending three of the most popular models.

We prefer Trane brand HVAC systems for their reliability, durability, and efficiency. If you have questions or need help choosing a model, contact the professionals at B&L Ott in Berks County.

XC95m Furnace

If you are looking for a high efficiency, money saver, the XC95m may be the right HVAC system for you. At 95% efficiency, it will save the home owner big time on natural gas bills, over their older 80% model. This is the model B&L Ott installs most often for customers. The XC95m can be set up in almost any home situation with ductwork.

Finding warm and cool spots throughout your home can be frustrating. This model features a variable speed blower motor that can help combat uneven heating throughout your home. With its high efficiency, the XC95m is also cost effective. A majority of older furnaces operate between 75%-80% efficient. This means that for every dollar that you spend on heating your home, only 75 cents goes to heating the house and 25 cents go out the chimney. For every dollar spent with the XC95m, 95 cents go towards heating your home.

The XC95 comes in many different sizes to fit almost any home. It is also the most durable furnace in its class. Its heat exchanger and powder coated metal casing are crimped instead of welded. This allows it to withstand the harshest of Berks County weather conditions. With yearly maintenance and proper installation from B&L Ott, this model will serve you for 15-20 years.

XV18 Air Conditioner

trane air conditioning unitsAnother popular model is the XV18 air conditioner. This model dehumidifies better than any other unit. B&L Ott can install this model in a home of any size with ductwork. At the heart of the system lies a variable speed compressor. It is the most reliable, quiet, and energy efficient compressor that Trane makes. At 18 SEER (SEER is like MPG on a car), the XV18 is highly efficient. Compared to an older conventional A/C unit, you will spend much less to keep your house at the same, if not cooler temperature.

Like the XC95m, the XV18 is extremely durable with a powder coated, louvered case. Even the screws are zinc plated to prevent rusting. This unit will last season after season, and will not break down due to weathering. This model requires yearly maintenance from B&L Ott to help ensure efficiency and reliability. The life expectancy of a well-maintained XV18, when installed by B&L OTT, is 15-20 years.

Trane Clean Effects Electronic Air Cleaner

If you are looking for a system to clean the air in your home, the Trane Clean Effects electronic air cleaner may be your best choice. This model is 99.98% effective at removing airborne particles from your breathing air. It can filter dust and allergens out of the air, down to .1 microns. That’s 700 times smaller than a human hair! B&L Ott can install this model into any home with enough space and ductwork.

This system saves you money by keeping the system clean. Because the dust and dirt are not getting through the filter, it is not getting stuck on vital parts of the system. Dirt and dust build up will decrease any HVACs efficiency. It may also cause premature failure of the system.

The Trane Clean Effects has a powder coated case and micro engendered internal parts making it durable. This system should be cleaned twice a year by a Trane certified technician. With proper maintenance and installation from B&L Ott, it will provide 10+ years of dependable service.


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B&L Ott Sponsoring Schuylkill Valley Ice Hockey

At B&L Ott, we believe that there is nothing more rewarding than making a positive difference in the lives of others. When it comes to supporting the community, B&L Ott gives back in more ways than one. Our team works daily to keep your HVAC system running so you can keep your family comfortable. We strive to go above and beyond our friends and neighbors as well. One way we show support to the Berks County community is by sponsoring the Schuylkill Valley Ice Hockey team.

How Did Our Sponsorship Start?

The B&L Ott HVAC team is comprised of many Schuylkill Valley and Hamburg graduates. All of us have participated in some type of sport. We know how important athletics are. They keep students healthy and teach them valuable life skills. Our time spent playing organized sports helped shape us and develop our sense of team.

Everyone in our company focuses on the team as a whole – there is not a person at B&L Ott who puts themselves before the team.  We all work together for a common goal – to serve others.  When the Schuylkill Valley Ice Hockey League reached out in need of support, we were proud to become a sponsor.

How Do We Help?

B&L Ott provides sponsorship to help defray the team’s costs and make playing hockey more affordable for the students.  We occasionally attend their games and have hosted multiple post-game pizza parties for the players.

On Friday, February 10th, we will also assist with the team’s senior night. Senior night is a special night that commemorates the senior player’s contribution to their team and honors their growth as athletes. All of the senior players will receive photos, frames, and balloons. We will also provide flowers for the mothers and cupcakes for the fathers. There will also be a special present for all of the players at the senior night party.

Who Participates?

Everyone on the B&L Ott team participates in one way or another!  Our technicians Eric & Nate recently attended one of Schuylkill Valley’s games. The office staff coordinates all of our donations to the team.  Our techs even put together a box of B&L Ott T-Shirts for all the kids and parents. With everyone contributing, we can put our best foot forward for the team.

Why Do We Do It?

“We love contributing to the team, especially since so many of us graduated from Schuylkill Valley and played sports.  Our belief is that organized sports with proper coaching can mold students into responsible adults.  It can give them a sense of belonging, self-confidence, a teamwork attitude, discipline, loyalty, drive, and passion.  All of these are features we look for in potential hires.

A team environment is one of the central themes within our company.  There is no “I” – we all work together.  No one works for me – they work with me; for themselves, their families and for our fellow team members and our customers.  We work as a team.  That sense of loyalty and dedication came from a lifetime of organized sports and the ‘hard working, never give up attitude’ instilled in me by ‘Pop’, Brian Ott, the founder of the company.  You will be hard pressed to find someone who will work harder for everyone other than himself.

Anytime we can help to instill a sense of teamwork in kids, it is a huge win for us.  We also participate with BCTC and the Co-Op program to employ students and help develop them into professionals.  That partnership has brought us a huge sense of satisfaction that we receive as a team.  Participating with the Schuylkill Valley sports teams was a logical extension – to give back to the school that gave so much, to so many of us.” -Ryan Ott



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Common Reasons for Heater Repairs and How to Prevent Them

heating repairIn Berks County, winter is when you need your heater the most. Some years temperatures drop below zero. Add wind chill and your home’s temperature will drop rapidly when your heating system breaks down. Don’t let your family lose heat in the dead of winter. Use these HVAC care tips to help avoid some of these common problems.

Scheduling maintenance visits with B&L Ott will help keep your HVAC system working year round. However, if you do run into any issues, we also offer emergency repair services. A professional technician will find the source of the problem and recommend the best solution. If you take good care of your unit, though, you can decrease the number of repairs your system will need.

Lack of Maintenance

As with any machine, neglecting your furnace, heat pump or boiler will cause problems. To avoid problems, you should inspect your system and change its filter regularly. You should also schedule service with B&L Ott every year for a thorough inspection. Our monthly maintenance agreement is a popular choice among customers. It helps you track your heater’s health and keep it running year round.

When you schedule maintenance, we will clean all safeties and sensors. We will also check all major and minor components of the unit to ensure flawless operation. We can see problems forming and recommend fixes. This will ensure that you don’t have a break down when you need your system. You will also save money in the long run by preventing costly repairs.

Clogged Filters

A dirty filter can wreak havoc on your heating unit by restricting airflow and suffocating the system. Clogged filters can lead to overheating, blower failure, and improper airflow. When these problems get neglected for too long, your system will likely fail prematurely.

To avoid these problems, be sure to change your filters as specified in the owner’s manual. Generally, 1” filters should be checked and replaced every 30 days. However, some filters last longer than others. Changing your filter too often can also damage your system. If you are unsure, we recommend scheduling an appointment with one of our technicians to learn how to properly care for your heater. If you experience problems due to a clogged filter, be sure to contact B&L Ott for maintenance and repairs.


Weather may cause your unit to break down over time. In this case, you may notice decreased efficiency and higher energy bills. When parts deteriorate, they will not work with the same precision. This makes your HVAC to work harder. In harsh conditions, damaged parts may lead to a system failure. To avoid these problems, schedule regular maintenance services with B&L Ott. We will clear the built up debris to prevent problems such as clogging and rust.

You may also want to consider buying a protective cover for your outdoor unit. This will keep out snow, ice, and leaves. Protective covers can be an effective way to preserve your system. However, it is important to know that covers can NOT be used with heat pumps. Also, they can only be used with air conditioners when they are turned off. Running a unit with the cover on WILL cause extensive damage. Be sure to contact B&L Ott before putting a cover on any Trane brand unit.

Thermostat Malfunctions

Age or improper installation can cause your thermostat to malfunction. Your home’s temperature should be within 3-5 degrees of the set temperature. If the numbers are not accurate, your thermostat may need to be repaired or replaced. However, it is difficult to determine if your thermostat is malfunctioning. Call B&L Ott to have a trained technician help you.


The best way to extend your HVAC system’s life is to perform proper maintenance to prevent wear and tear. B&L Ott can provide any type of upkeep or repairs you may need. If you notice more breakdowns or higher utility bills, your system may be nearing the end of its life.  Talk to a well-trained technician who knows what to look for. They will notice even the smallest details that indicate that your system is nearing total failure.

You may want to consider system replacement planning. This B&L Ott service helps you plan for the eventual breakdown of your system. We can help you choose a new model and schedule the installation. The replacement will be on your time when you are ready. You won’t have to experience a complete shut down at the most inopportune time. B&L Ott’s system replacement planning service gives you the time you need to plan and saves you stress.



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Common Questions about Generac Generators

generac generatorEvery Berks County resident knows how bad the Pennsylvania roads can get in the winter. It only takes one bad patch of black ice for a car to spin out, hit a pole, and cause you to lose power. Not to mention falling tree branches if you live in the woods.

Without a generator, life during a power outage becomes tricky. If you’re thinking about buying a new generator, you may have many questions. B&L Ott is here to help by covering the basics with these common questions. If you have more questions, you can contact us by phone or through our website.

What is a Generac Generator?

A Generac generator is a system that supplies electricity to your home when you lose power. They are typically installed just outside of your home. They run on either natural gas or liquid propane.

How Does a Generac Generator Work?

Power outages are sensed by an automatic transfer switch.  The switch immediately tells the system to turn on. Then a supply of electricity is sent into your home to power your appliances. This process can occur so seamlessly that some owners may not realize that they lost power. The generator produces electricity the same way your power company does. It just happens on a smaller scale.

What Maintenance Does It Require?

Yearly maintenance is required for a Generac Generator. During this time, B&L Ott, we will change the oil, oil filter, air filter, and spark plugs. We also run full system diagnostics. This includes testing the transfer switch, the battery, valve clearance in the motor, and all other components. We will make sure that the system is operating properly to ensure that you have power when you need it most. Our certified technicians can perform any service or maintenance that you may need.

Will It Power Everything In My House?

A Generac Generator can power everything in your home, but it does have limitations. If you have an all-electric home, it can be difficult to find a model large enough to power everything. However, we do offer alternatives to get the power where you need it. We can install modules that will cut power to unnecessary appliances. This will ensure that you can power the most important appliances.

It is rare that we cannot power everything. Talk to a B&L Ott comfort consultant to learn if we can find a generator that can power every appliance in your home.

Are They All Automatic?

Whole-home systems are all automatic. This is one of the greatest features Generac Generators have to offer. When a power outage occurs, your home will regain power within seconds. Even if you are away from home, you don’t have to worry about your pipes freezing or your food spoiling.

How Do I Choose the Right Size for My Home?

There are many models and sizes available for whole-home generators. While you may be able to generally determine what size you need, talking to a B&L Ott professional is helpful in many ways. With years of experience, our technicians know what sizes, features, and models work best.

Rather than researching for hours, you can schedule a free in-home consultation. Tell us about your situation and we will give you our professional opinion. We will take your wants, home, and budget into consideration. Then we will help you choose the best Generac Generator for your home.

How Long Does It Take to Install?

B&L Ott can install your new generator in just one day. We will arrive at your home around 8 am and finish around 4 pm. Timing can vary depending on the difficulty of the installation. On installation day, you should plan on being without power. Be sure to prepare and take care of any activities that need electricity beforehand. After installation day, you will never have to be without power again.

Once your new system is installed, we will teach you everything you need to know. We will show you signs to look for to ensure that your generator is always operating properly. Then the technician will program your system to run a weekly exercise mode. This will help keep the motor running efficiently.  Finally, B&L Ott will schedule your complimentary maintenance visit to service your generator.

Why Should I Choose Generac?

Unlike other companies, Generac’s sole focus is power generation and generators. They do not perform any other services or sell any other products. This allows the manufacturer to focus only on improving their generators so that you get a quality product. Generac is the number one selling brand of whole home generators among homeowners. They are preferred by 7 out of 10 homeowners who invest in home backup power. When you back that with B&L Ott’s 24/7/365 service, you get reliability you can feel comfortable about.

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B&L Ott’s Routine Maintenance Service: What to Expect

routine hvac maintenanceDoes your B&L Ott HVAC system need routine maintenance? Every home and its air system can benefit from regular upkeep. A thorough inspection will help you find small problems before they become expensive repairs. So, what can you expect when you schedule B&L Ott’s preventive maintenance service?


If dirt gets into the functional areas of your system, it can cause problems that decrease the efficiency of your machine. Decreased efficiency means higher energy bills. That is why B&L Ott starts by carefully removing harmful debris. Unlike other companies in the Berks County area, our service includes coil cleaning as a standard! The coil handles heat transfer and is crucial for maintaining an operational system.

Diagnostic Evaluation

We also perform a diagnostic evaluation to determine the health of your system. We will estimate the remaining life expectancy based on the condition and age of the parts. One of our technicians will also teach you how to optimize the use, comfort and efficiency of your system.  If your system is nearing the end of its life, they will also help you plan and budget for a replacement.

Our diagnostic evaluation helps ensure your family’s safety. During your appointment, B&L Ott performs a variety of tests (including a carbon monoxide test) to check for potential gas leaks.  The critical components of your HVAC system will also be inspected to verify that your heater is safe to use.


When it comes to maintaining an HVAC system, B&L Ott believes that there is a right way and a wrong way. Any inferior form of maintenance is completely ineffective. There are many different styles of “maintenance programs” out there. We make sure that our examination is thorough and honest.

We will test every component in your system down to the outdoor air conditioner coil. You won’t find an asterisk in our program. We take various measurements to verify that each part is operating inside of design parameters. Some measurements include amp draw, voltage, microfarads, megohms, airflow, temperatures, pressures, and sound. These tests help us pinpoint problems and determine which factors need attention.

Inspection Report

After performing tests and maintenance, we can predict potential future failures. We will discuss our findings with you. Then a B&L Ott technician will make professional recommendations to keep your system running efficiently. Be prepared to answer a few questions about HVAC usage. Examples include,

  • Are you comfortable in every room of your house?
  • Are you suffering from any allergies or breathing conditions?

These questions will help determine if your needs are being met by your current system. Our job is to provide you with your ideal indoor environment.

How Often Should I Schedule Preventive Maintenance?

Preventive Maintenance should be performed annually for all equipment. Typically customers will schedule an appointment in the spring/summer for their air conditioner. Then in fall/winter, they will request service for their heating system. You wouldn’t let your car go without oil changes, tire rotations, and brake replacements. Just like your car, your HVAC system needs regular cleaning and repairs.

Why Should I Schedule Maintenance?

B&L Ott’s service has a variety of benefits. There are no tricks, no clever wording designed to confuse. We provide the most comprehensive maintenance program for the price it costs to do the job right. We will help you effectively condition your home to keep your system running efficiently. This will reduce operating costs, prevent breakdowns, and extend the life expectancy of your system. It will also decrease the overall cost of ownership.

B&L Ott teamWhy Use B&L Ott?

We understand the importance of maintenance. Just like your HVAC system, we use a rigorous schedule to keep our equipment in top shape. Given that we provide an emergency service, our trucks must be reliable. With regular cleaning and servicing, our trucks range in age from 1-12 years old.  Each truck typically lasts 250,000 – 300,000 miles in its lifetime. That is with a giant service box on the back and thousands of pounds worth of tools in it. You wouldn’t want a company who constantly had brand new trucks. Yet, you also wouldn’t want a company with a broken down, unreliable truck.

We believe in taking care of our equipment so that our tools work when we need them most.  If we have a rigorous maintenance schedule for all of our equipment, what does that tell you about the importance of your HVAC’s preservation? Keep your B&L Ott system running by scheduling routine maintenance from B&L Ott today!



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