Heater Repair

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Don’t Get Left Out in the Cold During Winter!

B&L Ott provides heater repair services to residents in Reading, PA and the surrounding areas. Just as working air conditioners are important during the summer, a functioning heater is imperative in the winter. Reading and by extension, Pennsylvanian winters can be harsh. We see plenty of snow and frigid temperatures. If your heater breaks, your family could be left in the cold. B&L Ott is here to help. We offer comprehensive heater repair services in Reading, PA as well as the rest of Bucks County, so you can stay warm all winter long.

How Heaters Work

Most home heating systems operate in one of two ways: With a boiler or furnace. The process of heating with a boiler is hydraulic. Radiant heat is produced by burning natural gas, oil, propane, or solid fuel. The fuel turns into steam that circulates through a boiler into pipes in each room.

Alternatively, the gas turns into hot water. This can be circulated through baseboards, floor systems, or air coils. Steam boilers generally operate at a higher temperature. They are also less efficient than hot water boilers. A furnace is a centralized heating system that uses a burner and heat exchanger.

Problems to Look Out For

Furnaces may suffer carbon leakage and other issues during the winter months from overuse. Boilers often become worn out and need to be repaired or replaced. Heating systems should be repaired by a knowledgeable technician from B&L Ott. Problems with boilers and furnaces have most often occurred during the cold winter months. This is typically when heaters continue to run to keep your home warm.

There are a variety of issues that signal that your heater may need servicing. Some examples include:

  • Your gas or electric bills are rising.
  • Your thermostat doesn’t work properly.
  • Your burner flame yellow instead of blue.
  • You hear strange noises or smell strange smells.
  • Your heater has trouble starting or doesn’t stay on.
  • Your family hasn’t been feeling well.
  • Your home is dry and dusty.

If you notice any of these signs, you should contact B&L Ott and schedule an appointment as soon as possible. Minor issues left untreated, will likely turn into major issues. Major issues are more expensive to fix and can lead to a total system breakdown.

Quick and Efficient Heater Repair Near Berks County

If you are having issues with your heating system, the experts at B&L Ott can help. We can answer any questions and provide quick and efficient repairs to warm your home again. Please contact us today to request service.