Everyone wants their home to look the best that it can be. This way, if friends and family visit, they will be comfortable and impressed. Unfortunately, life can get so busy that it can be difficult to keep your house in great shape. You need to set aside time for organizing and cleaning. Otherwise, your to-do list will continue to grow and you eventually may get embarrassed whenever company shows up.

B&L Ott is here to help with some tips and information about what home improvement areas to pay attention to. With just a bit more attention, you can get your Berks County home looking fantastic!


It can be difficult to find time to tend to your yard when Pennsylvania weather is so unpredictable. Be sure to check the weekly forecast regularly. Figure out which day looks the nicest and schedule yard work that day. If you are still short on time, get your family to help or hire someone to help you.

If getting your entire yard together seems overwhelming, remember to take it one small step at a time. Do a little bit day by day rather than scheduling an entire day of yard work.


Does your kitchen have an organizational system? Do all your pots, pans, and utensils have a home? If not, your kitchen probably gets cluttered easily and you may get frustrated. Having an organized kitchen will save you time and stress.

If your kitchen needs work, set aside a weekend to get it organized. You will thank yourself later. Buy some drawer organizers, spice caddies, and other organizational supplies to help you. Once everything is organized you will find it much easier to work your way around the kitchen. Don’t forget to take time every week or two to get rid of expired food, as well. It only takes about 5-10 minutes if you keep up with it.

Living Area

Your living room likely doesn’t need as much attention as your kitchen, but it is still important to pay attention to. Blankets and pillows should be washed every 2-4 weeks, your carpet should be vacuumed 1-2 times per week, and you should dust 1-4 times per month. These tasks don’t take much time. It is just a matter of remembering to do so. Set a reminder on your phone or delegate it as a job to someone in your household.


Bathrooms can get pretty messy quickly. Between makeup, brushing teeth, taking showers and more, there can be dirt everywhere. If you have guests, you don’t want them to be disgusted by your bathroom. Therefore, it is important to keep it clean.

Like the kitchen, your bathroom should have an organizational system and be cleaned every week or two. It helps if you clean up your messes right after you make them. This way, the pile of clutter doesn’t keep growing. By taking just a few minutes to clean up after yourself, you can keep your bathroom looking orderly on a daily basis.


In most cases, your guests won’t go into your bedroom, but that doesn’t mean you won’t get frustrated by a messy bedroom. One of the biggest issues in the bedroom is the laundry. At the end of the day, you are tired and many times just want to collapse onto your bed. Messiness or cleanliness is a habit. If you allow yourself to be lazy, even just a few times, you will reinforce that habit. On the other hand, if you push yourself to clean up after yourself, you will reinforce good habits. Be sure to pick up your clothing, make your bed, and clean up other little messes on a daily basis.

HVAC System

Finally, don’t forget to take care of your appliances and tools, especially your HVAC. You want you, your family, and your guests to be comfortable in your home. Your HVAC system will help you accomplish this. You have to take proper care of it though. To make sure it is ready to work properly and efficiently, contact B&L Ott. Our professionals will thoroughly inspect, clean, and adjust your system with B&L Ott’s Routine Maintenance Program. By doing so you can help make sure that your system will run when you need it most.

To schedule routine maintenance or schedule another B&L Ott service, you can visit our website and contact us here: https://otthvac.com/contact-us/. Alternatively, you can call B&L Ott at 610-927-5133. With a little work and help from B&L Ott, your Berks Country home will be a comfortable place for you and any guests who may come your way.