The weather is getting cooler in Berks County and the fall weather is finally starting to kick in. It’s time for fall activities such as hayrides, corn mazes, apple picking, pumpkin carving, Halloween decorating and more. Amidst all of the fall festivities, however, it is also time to get your home ready for colder weather. This includes making sure your HVAC system receives proper maintenance.

Schedule Sooner Rather Than Later

It is better to schedule a maintenance appointment sooner than later. B&L Ott’s schedule can fill up quickly. Scheduling sooner also allows time to schedule another B&L Ott appointment if you need any repairs or replacements. Overall, when you ensure that your system is ready to work early on, you avoid scrambling at the last minute to make sure you have heat when you need it.

Maximize Efficiency, Reduce Repairs, Save Money

Every year, your HVAC system will lose at least a little bit of efficiency from wear-and-tear. How much efficiency you lose depends on how well you take care of your system. If you consistently schedule biannual maintenance with B&L Ott every spring and fall, you can help minimize the efficiency you lose and extend the life of your HVAC system.

When you schedule maintenance with B&L Ott one of our professional technicians will thoroughly inspect your system, clean your system, and make any necessary adjustments. If we notice any issues we will inform you and repair it with your permission. Biannual maintenance allows B&L Ott to catch small issues before they develop into expensive repairs. This and ensuring your system is running as efficiently as possible helps you save more money over time.

Make Sure Your Family Is Safe

One of B&L Ott’s primary concerns is keeping your family safe. When a B&L Ott technician inspects your system they will look for any damage or issues with your HVAC system that may pose a threat to your family. This includes rusting parts or cracks that may start leaking. Once your HVAC system has received biannual maintenance and any necessary repairs you can have some peace of mind that your family will be safe around your HVAC system.

Clean Air and an Efficient HVAC System

Cleanliness is one of the main factors that affect your system’s efficiency. Over time dirt and dust build up. When debris gets into the main part of your system, it can cause damage to the parts. As dust builds up in your air ducts, it can also blog the air flow. This is why it is so important to make sure your system gets cleaned regularly. B&L Ott will help you clean the main parts of your system during biannual maintenance. You should also schedule air duct cleaning about every 10 years.

During the fall season, it is also important to keep an eye on your outdoor unit. When the leaves and branches start to fall, they can get into your unit and cause damage. They can also block ventilation. Be sure to clear the area around your outdoor unit regularly.

Keep Up the Warranty

Most HVAC system’s come with a warranty. It is important to know the terms of this warranty to make sure it isn’t voided. Some terms include making sure your HVAC system receives biannual maintenance. Contacting B&L Ott now can help make sure you uphold your warranty so you are covered if you run into any issues.

Call B&L Ott Now!

If you would like to schedule maintenance from B&L Ott now, you can do so through our website here: Alternatively, you can call, 610-927-5133. We hope you have a great fall season!