Dirt, dust, and debris can enter your Berks County home in a variety of ways. Whether you have a family that enjoys playing outside, furry friends that track in dirt or live in the woods, you may find that your home gets messy pretty quickly. 

One factor that can bring in a significant amount of dust is your HVAC system. Therefore, if you are looking for ways to keep your home cleaner, this is one aspect you will want to pay attention too. B&L Ott near Reading, Pennsylvania is here to help with a variety of services and products that can help you keep your home clean. 

Why It Matters

Dust and dirt affect your comfort as well as your health. When your home is clean, the air smells fresher and you can breathe easy. On the other hand, when your home is dirty, you may find yourself sneezing often and are more likely to get sick. Dirt can also make you feel uncomfortable. It makes your skin feel ticklish or even itchy. With all this in mind, it is important to keep your home clean. Below are some ways you can help accomplish this. 

Your Filter

Your filter is one of the main components that trap dirt and prevent it from entering your home. However, you need to change or clean your filter regularly. The standard 1” filter should typically be changed on a monthly basis. High-efficiency filters last a bit longer, but it is still important to check them regularly. Overall, it is a good idea to check your filter often and change it whenever it gets covered with dust. 

Your Ducts

Your air ducts don’t block dirt like your air filter, but they are responsible for transporting the air throughout your home. Over time, dirt that your filter didn’t trap can settle in your air ducts. Then when your fan turns on, it can blow some of this dirt out into your home and make it dustier. 

Other dust particles will stay within your ducts and can block the air from entering your home. This makes your HVAC system run longer to reach your desired temperature. In this case, you may notice your energy bills rise and your HVAC system becoming more inefficient. 

Air Duct Cleaning 

To help prevent issues with dust and HVAC efficiency, it is important to have your air ducts cleaned by a professional HVAC contractor like B&L Ott. You should have them cleaned every 8-10 years, depending on one how much dirt is tracked into your home. 

B&L Ott uses the latest tools in duct cleaning technology. Our main tool is called the Air Scrubber Plus®. It cleans up to 99.9% of the harmful contaminants in your home and had been awarded the Space Foundation’s Certified Space Technology seal of approval. It will help get the dirt out of your ducts so your family can breathe easily and your HVAC system can run efficiently. 

B&L Ott Preventative Maintenance

Finally, it is also important to schedule preventative maintenance with B&L Ott. Not only does it help keep your system clean, but it also gives you a chance to find and repair small issues before they turn into costly repairs. It also gives you peace of mind that your system will work for you when you need it most. It keeps your system running at maximum efficiency and helps keep the dust out of your Berks County home. 

Contact B&L Ott Now! 

If you would like to schedule and service with B&L Ott, you can do so on our website here: https://otthvac.com/contact-us/. You can also call B&L Ott at 610-927-5133. With a little extra attention, your home will be cleaner so your family can be happier and healthier.