So, you just got a new HVAC system installed by B&L Ott. Everything is brand new and in working order. So you don’t need to pay any attention to it for a while, right? Not exactly. This is a question our B&L Ott technicians receive quite frequently. While it is unlikely that you will run into any major problems right away, maintenance is still important. When you schedule a maintenance visit with B&L Ott, we don’t just fix existing problems; we help prevent future problems from occurring.

When Should I Start Scheduling Maintenance?

Your system should start receiving preventive maintenance within the first year of installation. Like your car, your HVAC system needs to be inspected, cleaned and maintained regularly. When you neglect to change the oil in your car, the oil becomes contaminated and its ability to properly lubricate the internal parts is reduced. If neglected long enough, the engine will eventually fail. HVAC systems are very similar. Without preventive maintenance from B&L Ott, you can experience mechanical failures, reduced capacity, reduced efficiency, reduced comfort and reduced lifespan.

Systems should have maintenance performed twice a year regardless of their age. This includes once during the heating season and once during the cooling season. During the heating maintenance, the system will be cleaned and checked to ensure it is operating at the highest efficiency as possible. Then, during the air conditioning maintenance, the outdoor condenser coil will be washed and cleaned.

Why Is Maintenance Important So Soon?

Cleaning is one of the most important aspects of a new air-conditioning system’s maintenance. Small critters and other elements tend to push contaminants like pollen, grass, dirt, dust, twigs and leaves into your outdoor condenser. These contaminants clog your system, reduce efficiency, and affect its ability to function properly. B&L Ott’s maintenance program will make sure your system operates at the highest efficiency on a yearly basis. It can prolong its life as well was keep your energy bills and need for repairs low.

Preventive maintenance is also a requirement from every manufacturer to uphold the warranty. All systems need maintenance to stay at their peak efficiency and to operate properly. Every brand name system comes with some kind of warranty. All manufacturers require maintenance be performed in order to keep that warranty intact.

What Happens If I Neglect Maintenance?

Maintenance during the first year isn’t just for cleaning. Even a brand new system can encounter problems or challenges. You might not see these problems right away, but they are developing. Dirty coils will create expensive repairs in the future.

Also, replacing an HVAC system is not like replacing a refrigerator or microwave. You don’t just plug it in and have everything operate how it did before. New technology allows HVAC systems to be more customizable to fit the needs of your Berks County home. This means that many changes can take place in how your home is conditioned. For instance, if you have forced-air, your duct system might not be perfect or might have different airflow needs. Your new system may need some adaptations to ensure your family is comfortable.

B&L Ott Makes Sure Your System Is Operating To Your Liking

One of the many differences between B&L Ott and other HVAC companies is our emphasis on customization and perfection. When we install your system, we adjust the operation to fit your needs. Our comfort consultants perform a needs analysis during your initial consultation. Using your feedback, we make adjustments to the newly installed system to make you as comfortable as possible.

We then schedule a follow up within 1-2 weeks of the installation. This enables you to test the new system and determine if there are any additional comfort concerns you would like addressed. Some adjustments include air balancing, humidification, dehumidification, filtration, scheduling, air velocity, on/off cycling, thermostat operation, etc. In short, your new system will operate much differently than your old system. It is important to maintain the new equipment so that the changes we made during the installation continue to provide you with comfort.

Preventing Problems

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” -Benjamin Franklin.

There are two main ways you can help prevent system failures and reduced efficiency. The first is to have B&L Ott install your system so everything is set up properly from the beginning. We come back about a week after the install and check everything again. The second is to enroll in our automatic preventive maintenance program. This helps catch small issues before they turn into costly repairs. It also ensures that your system keeps achieving the high-efficiency standard it is rated at.

B&L Ott’s Preventive Maintenance Program

By signing up for our preventive maintenance program you will receive two maintenance visits each year, one for the heating system and one for the air conditioning system. You can opt for the automatic renewal so you never have to worry about remembering. At the conclusion of each visit, the B&L Ott technician will schedule your next visit. It is important to always schedule your next visit at this time because we are always scheduling maintenance visits 6 months in advance. You can learn more about B&L Ott’s maintenance program here: