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We put great value in the words of support from previous and current customers. Our company is built off the quality of our work and the integrity of our employees. That’s why it is our pleasure to share these testimonials with you.

The following are clients and businesses that have utilized our services in the past. Included is the kind of work completed and the general need of the client.

Dave Schaeffer
  "Terry and Karl just completed emergency repairs on our train heat pump. These two guys are top notch and professional and resolved the problems quickly. From the moment they entered our home they presented themselves as skilled professionals who know how to get the job done as efficiently as possible. I know you're as proud of these guys as I am. If you're considering giving these guys a raise you've got my vote. I look forward to seeing them again next time my train heat pump needs service. Incidentally our heat pump is 18 years old and this was the first service it ever required. What a testament to the quality of train equipment. I hope you're able to share this short message with Terry and Karl."  
  I just wanted to reach out to you and tell you how great your service is! My boyfriend and I just bought a house this past December and our heating system is an Electric Heat Pump System (which is a new type of heat to me! I am so use to Gas heat) so we were having some problems with getting the house warm and learning this new type of “heat” we were feeling in the house. Well yesterday we faced our first “welcome to being a Home Owner” problem: our house had dropped to about 40 degrees!!! My boyfriend did his best with checking the unit and the circuit breakers along with the filter, etc. nothing seemed to bring the house up to the 68 degrees we had it set at. When we got home that night it was reading 54 degrees and it was just too cold to let this go. So I knew I should call you! Your technician, Ian Good, was absolutely excellent! He was there on time, explained to my boyfriend what seemed to be causing the unit to keep blowing cold air in the house. Additionally, Ian checked the air filter which was just changed recently – it was black!!! We will need to keep monitoring the air filter to see if we will need our ducts cleaned. Needless to say, Ian was efficient with his time at our house, solved the issue and we got our heat to get back up to 70 degrees and it stayed that way all through the night! I just wanted to say thank you for having excellent customer service, a knowledgeable technician, and the speedy service we received! I will make sure I recommend your company to all of my family and friends! Thank you so much!  
Bill S.
  I called B & L Ott Heating and Air Conditioning this past spring to come out and evaluate my air conditioning system. I was prepared for the concept that my system was not sized properly for my home since in previous years my system ran continuously and so did my electric meter. I couldn’t bear another summer of being uncomfortable, and having high electric cost. Ryan Ott personally came to my home and spent time evaluating and measuring my home windows, doors and square footage. He also examined my existing unit. I was prepared for the news that I needed a new system, but rather the news was I need to make a few alterations as to how I live during the summer months and the recommendation of upgrading my single speed blower fan to a variable speed unit. I was not convinced that these simple alterations could make such a difference but Ryan Ott earned my trust, he was educated, honest and took the time to explain everything to me thoroughly. I decide to go with his recommendations and I am glad I did. This past summer of 2012 was very hot, and my systems operated properly, I was comfortable, and best of all the recommendations saved me 1/3 on my electric consumption compared to the same period of 2011. I highly recommend B & L Ott Heating and Air Conditioning!  
Robert O.
  I am sure if you have been researching HVAC Systems you are probably either very confused or ready to just quit. Well overall I had a great experience with mine once I found B&L Ott. Moving into our house 3 years ago one of the first things I noticed that the HVAC system was typical contractors grade. We have a nice house but they did skimp on some things. The home was built in 2000 so the system is 14 years old. Upon purchase the home came with a Home Warranty. I guess lucky it did because the propane furnace broke 3 times in the first year so we did get our money out of the warranty. We knew the furnace was in tough shape but the AC was worse. When the unit started it would dim the lights and was very, very noisy. The brand that was installed was an Armstrong 10 Seer for the ac and 90% efficient furnace. (5 ton ac and 100k btu for heater). So the process started, I went on Angie’s list and found 3 well rated contractor who handle different brands. I am a researching nut so I memorized just about all of the specs from the manufacturer’s website. I looked at York, Amana, and Trane after researching all the brands. I looked at warranty and number of reviews on the internet. Of course you have to take with a grain of sand the internet ones (blogs) as people only write in and post the bad and never the good. However, one thing ran true…. it is typically NOT the materials; it is the installation that matters. I had the first 2 contractors at my house and I would say it went OK. They were good people and I believe they would have done a fine job. However, one contractor could not get my e mail figured out (he was not really tech savvy) and the other I had to call him for my estimate 3 times. Not a good start when I am going to be paying 10k for a whole system. The last contractor was Ryan Ott from B&L Ott. Right away things were good as he was prompt and courteous. Ryan spent over 2 hours at my house. He took his time, measured each room and really explained to me the system I had and the flaws. I never felt rushed or panicked and the process was excellent. During the process he asked me what my preferences were (something none of the others did… they just said here is the system that fits in your budget) I told him my wife and I really use the AC hard but we like our house cooler in the winter. This was all taken into consideration and within 8 hours I had a full multi page quote in hand. We went back and forth on some options and numbers to give me the best bang for my buck and he was very, very patient. He explained why he believed that his product (Trane) was the best choice. So we said yes and off we went. He squeezed us in because of a prior rescheduling so the day of the service my wife took off work. The installers were led by Ian who was a rock star. We were very pleased with his work. They worked in the very cold weather all day making sure the outside unit was right. They were thankful my wife played music for them during the installation and did not mind that my dog was part of installation process (sweet dog but way to nosey). The installation was great and looks very professional. I had made a list of things I wanted to make sure were done such as connecting my whole home generator etc. and it was all done. By the time I got home from work they were just finishing and it was around 4pm. Ian finished up the installation and took me around and showed me everything. I felt bad but after everything was said and done it was nearly 6pm and never did I feel rushed. Couple of items to note… 1. Trane is not a bargain price system as it is probably one of the most expensive on the market and Ryan is very honest about that upfront stating that he is not going to be the lowest bidder but I promise you it shows up in spades during the whole process. 2. He will be backed up if you decide to go for installation as if the rescheduling did not occur it would have been 4-6wks until they could do the work. I believe this shows his reputation and their ability to not rush any job. Overall, Wonderful people and very skilled I would use them again in a heartbeat.  
  From our first meeting, during the estimating process, by how you computed and presented my options for a backup generator, I came away with a feeling of your competence and confidence that the work would be good. In hindsight that confidence was accurate. I’m writing to commend your team for their excellent work in providing and installing my new Generac backup generator. Ian, Matt, Russ and Jeff arrived before 9 AM and had the installation completely wrapped up by about 3PM including a short lunch break. They worked together, each about their own parts of the installation, with efficiency that was a marvel to watch. When they entered my lower level family room to put down tarps to protect the carpet they popped on booties just to lay out the tarps. The white carpet had no marks when they packed up to leave. Outside the house the entire area around the generator was cleaned up without a scrap of anything left behind. Placement of the entrance electric was obviously intended to provide the cleanest look possible. Entrance through the wall, staying above the ceiling line inside, provided a completely concealed entry into my home. Placement of the Smart Switch panel could not have worked out better. It was all as neat a job as one could imagine inside and outside. With ease I do highly recommend B&L Ott as a quality company with knowledgeable and very effective, competent staff. Thank you for your great work.  
  Best experience with a contractor ever. Most friendly, knowledgeable and considerate.  
  B&L Ott – Incomparable !! We have had the AC system 1 month today.  
  Ryan Ott is very knowledgeable, professional and friendly. His installation crew did a fine job.  
John Kutzamanis
  Mr. Ott, In May we had a Trane heater and air conditioner installed by your company. I just wanted to write and thank you for advising us as to what we needed and the benefits of the higher efficiency unit along with the electronic air cleaner. We were pleasantly surprised at our electric bill for this summer, which we all know was brutal, a real test for the system. We are anxiously waiting the cooler weather to see how this unit will help us with our gas bills. Also, we want to commend your staff on a job well done under probably the worst conditions. We had a paver patio installed prior to the Trane installation and the grounds were under repair. That day we had a steady rain and chilly temperatures. Needless to say, the ground repairs turned into a sloppy mess but your crew handled it without any complaints and made the best of the poor conditions. When the job was finished, the basement and patio were as if nobody was working there. Great job by all!!! Thank you for the quick response on cleaning the air cleaner this Monday, Ian is a real asset to your crew.  
Wendy & Bob
  We had a Trane heating & air system installed in August 2010. We have been more than happy with the system and even more so with the service. Ryan you were awesome with explaining how the system would work and helped us to select a system that would meet our needs. Our first winter with the new system was great. We haven’t calculated what we may have saved in heating cost but we were very comfortable with the system. Your team took the time to set the dampers to get the most efficient air flow and even set at a lower temp all the rooms were very comfortable. The upstairs has never felt warmer and the air filter system has kept the dust down and our allergies more under control. I would recommend our system and your services to anyone. Thank you again, I can’t say enough. We are looking forward to our first scheduled maintenance checkup.  
Dave De Poister P.E.
  My wife and I completely gutted our stone home built in 1949. We contracted B&L to install a new heating and A/C system including all the duct work. It was a pleasure to work with them during the design and installation phase. They continue to provide excellent service twice a year during season changes. The air is super clean, and the temperatures constant during both winter and summer. Our gas bill for January 2011 was $95.00; an exceptionally cold month. If you are considering modifications, repairs, maintenance, or a new installation, they are the people to work with!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  
Joe B.
  I’m writing to you to let you know how pleased I am with the new Trane XL15i that B & L Ott recenty installed on my home. I was initially hesitant, as it is a huge investment however, after giving it considerable thought I realized that if I skimp now that I would pay for it later. The system that I was replacing had been costing me dearly over the past number of years with repairs and inefficiency. Ryan and his team were extremely professional and the workmanship is second to none. As far as the Trane system, I couldn’t be more satisfied. This is the first time, in the 8 years that I’ve been in my home, that my whole house has been at the same temperature. They say that you get what you pay for and in this case, I’m happy that I purchased a Trane system from Ryan.  
Deb H.
  Hope all is well. Just an update on the house, the indoor air quality has improved greatly. The new system has eliminated the odor and reduced the humidity. It is a vast improvement! We really appreciated the workmanship and attention to detail. Your crew was professional and very courteous. It was a pleasure having them at the house.  
  B&L Ott with be my only heating and air conditioning contractor as long as we live in the Reading, PA area.  
  Ryan Ott is very professional, took time to answer my questions, explained about the financing etc. Definitely glad I did business with him. His dad installed our first system when we built our house.  
  Very knowledgeable and neat.  
  B&L Ott made sure they tracked no dirt or debris and cleaned up very well afterwards. Very knowledgeable, they care about their work. They hired very good men to help them, I would recommend them, in fact I already have.  
  B&L Ott has been our HVAC Contractor for nearly 20 years. They are extremely reliable and trustworthy.  
  Excellent Installation Team  
  I just wanted to pass along that Ian serviced our geothermal system yesterday and we were very impressed with his service. Ian is very knowledgeable, and I appreciated his educating me on the system. He really made me understand the system much better. Ian was very respectful and professional; a pleasure to work with. Thank you!  
  I hired B and L Ott to install a complete HVAC system in a 65 year old house we gutted 3 years ago. They designed, installed, and maintain the system for us. The system meets all of our needs and is very cost effective. They are a pleasure to deal with and are very professional. Their maintanance agreement is cost effective and has solved any problems we encountered. I am a Professional Engineer and know and appreciate quality workmanship and ease of operation. B and L Ott meets all of my needs.  
  As owners of an older home central air conditioning installation costs were cost prohibitive. We learned about split wall air units through a mailing of B&L Ott’s. Ryan Ott evaluated our home, gave us an estimate and provided us with financing information. He was very professional, knowledgeable, thorough and did not pressure us into a decision. After reading all the literature and reviewing his recommendations, we determined that these units would serve our needs. The workmen who installed the units were very efficient, informative and professional. We were impressed with their work ethic as they worked as a team, several men inside while others were outside. They completed the job within 1/2 day and left the work area clean. After completion Ryan reviewed in detail the use of the units through demonstration and where to find information in the instruction booklet. He refused a tip for his workers, stating he was just happy to serve us. We are very pleased with our units (one downstairs and one in bedroom). They are very quiet and cool the levels efficiently. They are mounted on the walls inconspicuously. With the heat wave this month we are especially glad we decided to have this work done. We would highly recommend B&L Ott Heating and Air Conditioning to our friends.  

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