Summer is here and now is the time to throw a great party that everyone will remember.  You may not have seen your friends and family in a while and want a chance to catch up with them.

When you host a party, you want it to be fun and one that people will definitely remember. To accomplish this, all it takes is a bit of planning. There are some specific party areas that you should pay a little extra attention to. If you are looking for some tips on throwing a great party, B&L Ott near Reading, Pennsylvania is here to help.

Have Plenty of Good Food and Refreshments

Food is always important. For the duration of your party, people will most likely be eating. They will grab some snacks at the beginning of the party, eat the main meal, then maybe even go for some dessert. Providing your guests with good food shows hospitality and gives your guests something to bond over.

Some common summer party foods include burgers, pizza, hot dogs, watermelon, fruit salad, brownies, jello, etc. These foods are great and are iconic summer foods, but you may also want to add some unique dishes as well, something your guests can talk about. Search the internet for something more unique and fun. You could try some traditional Pennsylvania foods or a traditional food based on your culture.

Don’t forget the drinks as well! Be sure to provide something refreshing to help your guests cool off!

Make a Great Playlist

Music will set the tone of your party so it is important to put at least a little thought into it. To start, think about your guests and what type of music would they enjoy. Are they into classic rock, rap, hip-hop, metal, pop? If there isn’t a common genre your guests would like, try mixing it up a bit and just use a summer theme. Most of the songs you choose should be upbeat and fun. If you need some ideas, search only for other’s summer party playlists.

Offer Extra Entertainment

Talking and eating is fun, but for some, it can only be entertaining for so long. Plan on setting up some other activities for your guests to participate in, especially if some of your guests are kids. Some simple backyard games include bean-bag-toss, horseshoes, volleyball, badminton, and croquet. You can also set up a fire pit for smores, allow guests to go swimming in your pool, or set up a slip-n-slide. There are plenty of fun ways to entertain your guests.

Keep the Bugs Away

If you plan on your party continuing into the late hours, you may want to plan for bugs. You can spray your backyard or just light some citronella candles. Tiki torches can also help. If you have a canopy that came with side netting, make sure to put in on. You can also have bug spray or buggy bands ready for your guests.


Decorating isn’t completely necessary, but it can help your party feel a bit more special, even if it’s just a few decorations here and there. Tying some balloons to your mailbox can help guests find your house. Hanging some lights, streamers, banners, or lanterns around the party area can help bring life into the area. You can even decorate your guests by giving them leis, glow sticks, sunglasses, party hats, or something else fun.

Make Sure Your Home Is Comfortable

Finally, you will want to make sure your home is cool and comfortable in case the weather gets hot and your guests need a place to cool off. If you haven’t already, contact the professionals at B&L Ott to make sure your air conditioner is ready to go. You can contact us through our website or by calling 610-927-5133. Have a great party!