Trane Stop Challenge

trane stop challenge

The Trane Stop Challenge

They say it’s hard to stop a Trane…but we wondered…how hard is it? Determined to prove that Trane equipment is above and beyond all of its competitors, we put a Trane unit through some of the most extreme and unusual tests you’ve ever seen. Browse the videos below to see just how far we took it!

The Produce Challenge

I’ve never liked gourds. Here’s a chance to put them to actual good use.

The Softball Challenge

We brought in a few heavy hitters to help us test the unit this time around.

The Lacrosse Challenge

Poor Trane unit, it has no idea what it signed up for

The Ice Challenge

Has Trane finally met it’s match?

The Tennis Challenge

Headbands required for this test

The Hockey Challenge

Could the Trane stand up to these hockey pros?

The Kids Challenge

Kid tested, adult approved!

The Pitcher Challenge

Let’s see how the Trane unit can handle some fastballs!

The Debris Challenge

This will never happen in real life, but why not have some fun!