Most people prefer that the room be nice and cool when they go to bed. They find that they can breath easier and get more restful sleep when their bedroom is between 60 and 67 degrees Fahrenheit. Unfortunately, having a hot second floor can prevent you from getting the comfortable sleep you are hoping for.

To counteract this problem, many homeowners try setting their thermostat to an even lower temperature before they go to bed. This way the cool air can reach their second floor. However, this tactic causes the first floor to get even colder, wastes energy, and causes your utility bills to rise. If this situation sounds familiar, B&L Ott in Berks County is here to help. Below you will find some common causes for a hot second floor as well as some helpful solutions.

Heat Rises

One of the main reasons why your second floor is hotter is because heat rises. This means that any hot air that your HVAC system doesn’t remove will collect in the upper level of your home. Your HVAC system also has to work harder and longer if you want it to cool off your second floor.

Large House

The size of your home can also affect how hot certain areas of your Berks County home get. The larger your home, the more cool air it requires to be comfortable. It is important to ensure that you have the right size of the system. If it is too small, it won’t be able to produce enough cold air. If it is too large, it will cycle on and off too quickly and not properly distribute air throughout your home. Contact B&L Ott to help ensure you have the right size system.

Dark Roof

Dark colors absorb light and heat as well. This means that if you have a dark-colored roof, it is absorbing heat from the sun. This can also contribute to your second floor being too hot to sleep comfortably. If your second floor is always too hot, consider painting your roof a lighter color that reflects the sun.

Lack of Insulation in the Attic

Your attic likely isn’t connected to an HVAC system. Therefore, there is not much airflow and with the sun beating down on the roof, it likely gets very hot. This can affect the temperature of your home as well. One of the best ways to help combat this issue is to make sure your attic is properly insulated. This way the heat from the attic doesn’t leak into the upper level of your home.

Thermostat and Air Duct Placement

home automationYet,  another possible issue is the thermostat and duct placement. If you had a professional HVAC contractor install your system, you likely won’t experience this issue. However, if your contractor didn’t know what they were doing or if you have recently added more rooms onto your home, this can cause issues.

If your air ducts are not laid out properly, you can easily end up with uneven heating. Additionally, if the thermostat is in the wrong place, your HVAC system can shut off too early. You will also want to make sure that you don’t have any furniture blocking the air vents or return ducts as this can block air flow. Contact B&L Ott if you think you are experiencing this type of problem so we can help you find an appropriate solution.

HVAC Unit Issues

Finally, any issues with your HVAC system can also affect the airflow to your second floor. If your system is not running efficiently, or if your air ducts or vents are blocked, the air may not be getting to where it needs to go. A good sign that there is an issue with your HVAC system is that your system is constantly turned on. In this case, it is working overtime to keep your home cool. This is using up extra energy, reducing your systems life expectancy, and causing your energy bills to rise. Contact B&L Ott to help determine if your system needs any type of repair or attention.

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We can also help you improve the airflow in your home. We provide a variety of services such as biannual maintenance, air duct cleaning, installation of home-zoning systems, installation of mini-split systems, and more. If you need help determining what the issue is to contact B&L Ott through our website here: You can also call B&L Ott at 610-927-5133. We will help you get your home comfortable again so you can get the sleep and rest you deserve.